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Who Should Join a Teacher Training Course of Yoga?

In some cases of yoga teacher training, it is not even necessary to have some yoga experience but usually it is mentioned to have some basic knowledge of yoga is desirable. Let these spaces to share, to be humble and not to prove anything. You do not have to be anything, not knowing anything because you already know and already are. On the contrary, you will engage with compassion to rid yourselves of your ego, of your false and wrong beliefs and limitations with teacher training course and enhance the approach to yoga world. The important thing is that you are open to think, to watch you and learn.

In these courses, there are different people together in appearance but all have in common a way of seeing and living life. There are often people who have their other existing professions or occupations but they want to open a new dimension in their lives with yoga and some also by teaching it. In addition, there are curious people and are open to this approach based on love and integration, experience of yoga practice and some teachers from other traditions who want to supplement their training with other traditions of yoga.

Often there are people who have some professional areas related to holistic medicine or psychology and there are professionals in the field of aesthetic trainers, pilates and dance teachers. It is usual that there are also artists looking for new sensibilities or philosophers for answers but there are also company executives, lawyers, engineers, travelers, dedicated mothers and housewives. They are all people who are looking to be better and grow internally. It is really a privilege to be surrounded by people who are looking to evolve. 

People of all ages, levels of experience in yoga or fitness training, education, ethnicity, culture and beliefs take training courses of yoga teaching. It is a mistaken belief believe that only young, strong and who are well advanced in their practical and theoretical knowledge of persons are trained for this. In yoga, there are no judgments or competition. It is an individual learning process which is open to all.

The requirements depend on each school, but surely there will be one for you, for your way of being and your interests. Only openness, trust in tradition and determination on your part is needed. For all experienced or beginner yogis, a teacher training course represents a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenge. You are considering teaching or not, these courses show us the way to really start learning. Now I suggest you to join Bali yoga teacher training and start the process of spiritual awakening.

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